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DIY Arduino RGB 12V LED Strip IR Controller PCB Design, build, soldering, programming guide

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Hardware used:

Arduino Nano:
http://y.sudokin.com/arn - AliExpress
http://y.sudokin.com/aunan - Amazon US
http://y.sudokin.com/aknan - Amazon UK
http://y.sudokin.com/adnan - Amazon DE

IRLZ44N Logic Level MOSFET:
http://y.sudokin.com/irl - AliExpress
http://y.sudokin.com/auirl - Amazon US
http://y.sudokin.com/akirl - Amazon UK
http://y.sudokin.com/adirl - Amazon DE

1838 IR Receiver:
http://y.sudokin.com/1838 - AliExpress
http://y.sudokin.com/au1838 - Amazon US
http://y.sudokin.com/ak1838 - Amazon UK
http://y.sudokin.com/ad1838 - Amazon DE

Female Pin Headers:
http://y.sudokin.com/ph - Aliexpress
http://y.sudokin.com/auph - Amazon US
http://y.sudokin.com/akph - Amazon UK
http://y.sudokin.com/adph - Amazon DE

Soldering station:
http://y.sudokin.com/auss - Amazon US
http://y.sudokin.com/akss - Amazon UK
http://y.sudokin.com/adss - Amazon DE

Software Links:
Instructables - https://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-Arduino-RGB-LED-Strip-IR-Controller
EasyEda Project - https://easyeda.com/dusnoki/RBG_LED_ARDUINO_DRIVER-6a82fc7c04ea459cb33f79c66e1c547d
IRRemote Library - http://y.sudokin.com/irremote/
Arduino Sketch - http://y.sudokin.com/irsketch/
Arduino IDE - https://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/Software

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