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Arduino Ultrasonic Sensor HC-SR04 Build, Code and Explanation

I'm really excited to show you my first standalone Arduino project. An HC-SR04 ultrasonic distance indicator with LED lights and a buzzer.

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Arduino Sketch - http://y.sudokin.com/ussk/

Hardware Used:
Arduino Kit - http://y.sudokin.com/amk/
Arduino Mega - http://y.sudokin.com/arm/
Arduino Uno - http://y.sudokin.com/aru/
Arduino Nano - http://y.sudokin.com/arn/
HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor - http://y.sudokin.com/uss/
74HC595 Shift Register - http://y.sudokin.com/595/
Resistor Pack - http://y.sudokin.com/res/
LED Pack - http://y.sudokin.com/led/
Breadboard + Power Module + Jumper Cables - http://y.sudokin.com/bpj/

Amazon Links:
Arduino Kit:
http://y.sudokin.com/akak - UK
http://y.sudokin.com/adak - DE

Soldering station:
http://y.sudokin.com/auss - Amazon US
http://y.sudokin.com/akss - Amazon UK
http://y.sudokin.com/adss - Amazon DE

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