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DIY 18650 Lithium Battery Charge, Protect, Boost to 5V Circuit

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Parts Used:
18650 Lithium Cell Holder:
http://y.sudokin.com/liho - AliExpress
http://y.sudokin.com/bliho - Banggood
http://y.sudokin.com/auliho - Amazon US
http://y.sudokin.com/akliho - Amazon UK
http://y.sudokin.com/adliho - Amazon DE

Flux Pen:
http://y.sudokin.com/flp - AliExpress
http://y.sudokin.com/bflp - Banggood
http://y.sudokin.com/auflp - Amazon US
http://y.sudokin.com/akflp - Amazon UK
http://y.sudokin.com/adflp - Amazon DE

Soldering station:
http://y.sudokin.com/auss - Amazon US
http://y.sudokin.com/akss - Amazon UK
http://y.sudokin.com/adss - Amazon DE

Software Links:
EasyEDA Project - http://y.sudokin.com/lichea
Gerber Files - http://y.sudokin.com/lichge

DIY LED Clock Kit Build Video:

Great Scott How To Solder Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VxMV6wGS3NY

EEVBLOG How To Solder Video:

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