DIY LED Clock Kit: build, soldering and setting guide

Full build, soldering and setting walkthrough for a DIY LED Clock Kit from Aliexpress -

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This is the first kit I've built after getting involved into electronics a bit more as a hobby over the past couple of months.

Not a very difficult kit to build. If you have the correct tools and a bit of practice in soldering you should be fine.

Lot's of interesting tips and tricks in the video as the first kit of this kind I build failed miserably so hopefully you guys won't make the same mistakes as I did which I talk about in the video.

Disclamer: This is my first video on youtube of this kind so it's quite a learning experience for me as well :)

0:57 - circuitry build
53:32 - first power on
55:02 - housing build
1:04:06 - setting up the time, date, and adjusting the temparature

Soldering station: - US - UK - DE

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Thanks for watching, and I hope you learned something ;)

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