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DIY Arduino Ambilight RGB WS2812b Full Build & How-To

I'm really excited to show you a step by step guide for building your own Ambilight system on the cheap for only 10 Euros.

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For this build we will be using an Arduino NANO, a small breadboard, 5v 2.1A phone charger and of course the WS2812b LED strips can light up each individual LED light in a different color and brightness.

Hardware used:

Arduino Nano:
http://y.sudokin.com/arn - AliExpress
http://y.sudokin.com/aunan - Amazon US
http://y.sudokin.com/aknan - Amazon UK
http://y.sudokin.com/adnan - Amazon DE

WS2812B RGB LED lights:
http://y.sudokin.com/rgb - AliExpress
http://y.sudokin.com/auws - Amazon US
http://y.sudokin.com/akws - Amazon UK
http://y.sudokin.com/adws - Amazon DE

http://y.sudokin.com/brd - AliExpress
http://y.sudokin.com/aubrd - Amazon US
http://y.sudokin.com/akbrd - Amazon UK
http://y.sudokin.com/adbrd - Amazon DE

5v 2A Phone Charger:
http://y.sudokin.com/5v2 - AliExpress
http://y.sudokin.com/au5v2a - Amazon US
http://y.sudokin.com/ak5v2 - Amazon UK

Soldering station:
http://y.sudokin.com/auss - US
http://y.sudokin.com/akss - UK
http://y.sudokin.com/adss - DE

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Software used:
FastLed - https://github.com/FastLED/FastLED/releases
Prismatic - https://github.com/psieg/Lightpack/releases
Adalight - https://github.com/Wifsimster/adalight_ws2812
Arduino IDE - https://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/Software

Thanks for watching, and I hope you learned something ;)